Wednesday, September 29, 2010

United Nations Peace Day in Hawaii!

United Nation Peace Day in Hawaii was a wonderful event at the UH Manoa Campus!

Many people gathered to listen to speakers on Peace and a better future. We heard a message from Ban Ki Moon (Secretary General of the UN), Miles Okumura (recipient of the Distinguished Peacemaker award), and Paul Chappell (Author and Keynote Speaker).

There are many United Nations Campus Clubs across the state of Hawaii. This is a wonderful way to get involved and work for a better future!

Please contact us at for more info on volunteer opportunities or to contact the UN in Hawaii.

Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen

One of the scholarships that are offered by Ready for the Real World is a cash scholarship for a teenage young lady who competes in the Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen pageant and represents the spirit of volunteerism.

Lena Merrill is our reigning Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen. She is a young woman that gives back to her community in a unique way as she bridges the gap between the hearing and the deaf community. Though Lena has what many see as a disability, she has turned it into her ability to change the lives around her.

Everyone Lena meets feels the Aloha Spirit and knows that she is an incredible young person. Every teen has the power to make a positive difference among their peers. Will you be one of those teens?

If you are a teenage girl between the ages of 13-18 and are interested in making a difference, you can check out the Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen Program for an opportunity of a lifetime!

You may also contact us at